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Add links to WordPress Pages or Posts

There are a couple of simple ways to add links to your WordPress pages or posts.

In the WordPress Visual Editor:
1- Select the Visual editor using the Text tab in the WordPress editor
2 – Type in the text you wish to use as a link.
3 – Select the text and click the Paperclip icon in the edit ribbon. This will open up the Insert / edit link dialogue
4 – Enter the URL of the target page and the link title into the dialogue box

Using HTML Code in the WordPress Text Editor:
This method appears tricky if you don’t know HTML but is actually very simple and it is useful to know how to do this manually.
1 – Select the Text editor using the Text tab in the WordPress editor
2 – Start the HTML link tag as follows:

<a href="http://your_link_target_here">

3 – Enter the Link description

This is your link Text

4 – Close the HTML link tag


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