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Can I Safely Delete a User?

You can usually safely delete a user but you should proceed with cautions and watch the prompts.

  1. Navigate to the Users > All Users menu and locate the user you wish to delete.
  2. Hover over the user’s name – a small menu will appear beneath the user’s name – click ‘Delete’
  3. This bit’s the important bit: decide what you want to do with their content:
    • Delete the content. Not a good idea if this was your web developer as you may delete all the pages on your website!
    • Assign to another user.
  4. Confirm the deletion by clicking the Confirm button.

What if you accidentally deleted all the content

Potentially not a disaster – the content will be in the Bin / Trash. You can navigate to the bin and you should be able to restore most of the content. This can be a little messy though so we advise taking a backup of your database first.

What of you just want to stop a user logging in and making changes?

To prevent a user making changes and accessing important parts of your dashboard, you can just edit their account and change their role to Subscriber

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