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Creating a WooCommerce Coupon or Voucher

Creating a discount or promotional coupon in WooCommerce is very simnple and built into the core system. With this flexible feature you can offer users money off vouchers by either a percentage or a fixed amount, or offer discounts or even free shipping. I also use this feature to create 99% discount coupons when I’m doing a quick checkout test on a live environment.

To Create a New WooCommerce Coupon

Navigate to WooCommerce > Coupons and select Add coupon

Fill in the coupon details:

  1. Add a name
  2. Add a description (optional)
  3. Choose a Discount type:
    • Percentage discount – This will reduce the total cart value by a specified percentage (eg 10%)
    • Fixed cart discount – This will reduce the cart value by a specific monetary amount (eg (£5)
    • Fixed product discount – This will provide a discount for specific products only (eg £5 off white T-shirt). If you choose this discount type, you will specify the products in the next step
  4. Optional: If you would like to offer free shipping, tick Free Shipping box
  5. Optional: Set a coupon expiry date
  6. Add coupon restrictions:

    If you would like to add restrictions to the coupon usages (eg apply to specific products only, only allow usage by a specific user or between specified dates, you can add these details in the Usage restrictions tab.

    Once your coupon is setup, don’t forget to hit Publish. Your visitors will now be able to enter the coupon code in the basket or at checkout to receive your discount

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