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Order WooCommerce Products

Ordering WooCoomerce products within the product catalogue (Shop, Category and tag pages) is quite straightforward.

  • Navigate to Appearence > Customise
  • Select WooCommerce
  • Select Product catalogue
  • In Default product sorting, select your order preferences, there are several options, most of which are self explanatory

    WooCommerce Product Order Dialogue

    What does “Default sorting (Custom ordering + name)” mean?

    Under Product data > Advanced is an entry field: Menu order. By default this is set to 0 (zero).

    Woocommerce Product Sorting

    • Any products with the menu order set to 0 will appear first, ordered alphabetically by Product Title.
    • Remaining products will be ordered by menu order

    Default product sorting example

    The example below uses Default sorting (Custom ordering + name)
    Woocommerce Product Sorting Example

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