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703 views 05 November 2020 1
It is recommended that every website uses an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate encrypts data transmitted between the users computer and the website that has the certificate installed. Google will penalise you in search results for not having an SSL certificate, and popular browsers are now presenting users with increasingly stark security warnings when visiting a website that doesn't use SSL. Do I already have an SSL certificate? Have a look in your browser address bar. If the web address
1119 views 24 March 2020 1
If your WordPress website is not loading or is experience other errors, it may be useful to turn on debug mode. This will output messages to the screen that may be useful in identifying a website issue. Turn on WordPress Debug mode Open the file wp-config.php in your website root directory for editing Locate the line define('WP_DEBUG', false); and replace with define('WP_DEBUG', true); Save the file. Errors will now visible on your WordPress
1191 views 19 March 2020 3
When uploading an image or other media to the WordPress Media Library, you may receive an error: File exceeds the maximum upload size for this site. This is due to a setting on your webserver. If you are not confident changing server settings you can speak to you webhost who may change this setting for you. If you are comfortable changing settings, there are a couple of options Use cPanel Functionality If your website uses cPanel, there will often be a PHP Version Selector or
1441 views 15 May 2019 0
When updating your WordPress website, your site will briefly go into maintenance mode and will display a message to visitors like this: But sometimes that message won't go away and your site is stuck. Luckily it's quite easy to solve. Login to your web hosting account and access your file manager application Navigate to the root directory of your website. This is usually /public_html or /htdocs (though not always) Locate the file .maintenance and delete it Note the . that
1352 views 15 May 2019 1
The dreaded WordPress White Screen of Death! Although this sounds dramatic, it's usually caused by a faulty plugin and is fairly simple to rectify. In the first instance you should log into your Web hosting account and look at your error logs (location of this can depend on your webhost). The errors will usually give you an indication of where the problem lies and will look something like this: PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'function' (T_FUNCTION) in
1417 views 25 April 2019 5
Are you seeing this screen when visiting your WordPress site? This error indicates that WordPress in unable to connect to the database which contains the Pages, Posts and other essential information required to run your website, specifically the main causes are: • The database server is not running • The database server is running but database has been removed. • The database server is running, the database is ok but the username or password has changed These detailsa re