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1601 views 15 May 2019 2
You can usually safely delete a user but you should proceed with cautions and watch the prompts. Navigate to the Users > All Users menu and locate the user you wish to delete. Hover over the user's name - a small menu will appear beneath the user's name - click 'Delete' This bit's the important bit: decide what you want to do with their content: Delete the content. Not a good idea if this was your web developer as you may delete all the pages on your website! Assign to another
1829 views 25 April 2019 2
Adding a new user in WordPress is very simple. You will need to be able to login to your WordPress dashboard and you will need to have create_user permissions. These are usually reserved for users with the Administrator role. Step 1 - Login Login to Your WordPress Dashboard. Step 2 - Select the User Menu Select 'Users' from the left hand menu, followed by Add New. There are a number of places where you can select Add New, two of them are shown in the screen shot below Step 3 - Fill in